Memo magnets are essentially small magnets that come in different sizes that range from 10mm, 20mm to 30mm. They come in a variety of shapes and look a lot like little round buttons, pin board pins, rectangular, flag shaped and glass magnets. They also come in a range of different colours such as red, blue, white green and many more which makes using them all the more exciting.

Although mainly used for whiteboards and magnetic boards, we have some very creative ideas that can help you transform your memo magnets into some wonderful DIY projects.

If you are someone who focuses on organisation and searches for different ways to constantly improve their productivity in the office or at home, then memo magnets are the perfect solution. In order to keep your office space, life and schedule organised, you can use memo magnets to make a not so typical or boring “To do List”. Not only this but if you are someone who likes using pieces of paper to jot down and collect your thoughts, you can write your list of errands on a small piece of paper and stick them on a metallic board so that you never forget anything important. Memo boards can also help to create a large board that can act as your “working space”.

You can stick articles, meeting notes, newspapers or any important correspondences up on the board so that all your important reminders are neatly stacked on the same board, in one place and in plain sight. This is great for productivity and efficiency because you won’t have to spend hours searching for important little notes of yours that can tend to get lost easily. 

Another great office use is that they can help with planning out your projects. Many times large projects can be intimidating and hard to get started on.

You can use memo magnets and white boards to help break each project down into chunks or major steps. Each of the different colours can be used to represent a different step or stage in the project. You will then be able to focus on and complete one stage at a time without getting overwhelmed with the burden of the entire project all at once. What’s so great about this method is that with the help of memo magnets, your brain will turn the work into a fun activity or a game so that you will no longer dread the tedious or daunting tasks and actually get started on work rather than putting it off.

If you’re looking for fun and creative ways to use memo magnets in your shops, retail stores or other outlets then you can use them to hang important messages for employees and customers alike. Have flash sales up on your memo boards or just start small and start by writing a wonderful greeting message to make your customers feel special.

In order to incorporate memo magnets in your house, you can turn your magnetic board into a picture frame and stick your favourite pictures using some fun coloured memo magnets. You can then get bold and creative and create different designs with different colours when you are putting the pictures up on the memo board. Apart from this if you are someone looking into a healthy eating lifestyle, then you can hang up a weekly menu or a schedule to help you stay on track. Not only will these memo magnets serve as reminders and motivation but each different memo magnet will signify a new day to make things interesting and creative.

So now you know that the possibilities with memo magnets are endless. Even though they look small, you can make good use out of them. All you need to do is get creative, get to work and let your imagination run free.