Magnetic photo paper is just like photo paper but with a special twist. You guessed it, they’re magnetic.

Our magnetic photo paper compatible with a standard inkjet printer and you can use the paper to create and print out beautiful pictures, quotes, sceneries or other pieces of art that you can stick around the house.

This will help showcase your personality and add a little flare to your surroundings. The possibilities are endless when you have these gems lying around and here we have for you some of the ways you can use these sheets to create wonderful DIY projects and let your creativity shine through. Also depending on what look you are going for, you have the choice of selecting from either, gloss or matte papers for a completely different effect.

Start off by using these sheets at home to dress up your room. If you’re into fitness, healthy eating or just feeling good, you can print excellent motivational quotes that will get you in the mood to work out or inspire you to eat healthy every time you come across them in your room. You can cut out individual stencilled letters to write the message yourself or just print positive quotes, pictures or inspirational images in your room that will put you in a great mood from the moment you wake up until the time you go to sleep.

Just add some magnetic paint on your wall and sticking these sheets on will be a breeze. Alternatively, you can stick some magnetic tape to your wall and apply them to the tape.

You can mix and match or replace them anytime you want. This means that just as your mood changes, you can also change your room to reflect your feelings, emotions and your mood in an easy and convenient way.

The paper is great for creating vision boards too.

A vision board is a visual list of all your goals, aspirations and the things you would like to accomplish. This means that you can print out a map and pinpoint places that you would like to visit or print out your dream car that you hope to buy in the next six months, so bottom line - your magnetic dream board can have anything you want. Having your long-term goals on your wall will not only motivate you but also act as a good reminder of what you need to work towards while also making your room look aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Another great idea is that you can print up pictures that you like, cut them into great designs and just stick your masterpieces onto your fridge. This is a great alternative to store bought magnets because you have the complete freedom to design your own little magnets, create a theme, and make shapes like stars, circles or ovals. You can do pretty much anything you want and it is perfect for those who ae always looking to add a little something more to their house.

The uses aren’t just limited to the home. In the office, you’re able to put up welcome notes for your visitors or in your shop to greet the customers and put a smile on their faces. Also try printing your “To do List”, meeting reminders, general notes about projects in your office so that you have them in plain sight and once you don’t need them anymore, just swap out the paper for the next one. Your magnetic sheets can replace your note pads or whiteboards with the added advantage of making your office look at more interesting and chic at the same time.

If you’re in the mood for some organisation then you can use these to create fancy shelf labels to sort out your office mess and paperwork. Apart from this, you can just print out the things that inspire you right from the internet and put them wherever you want. A great environment fuels a great productive day and all you need are some printable magnetic photo papers to make that happen.

Since you can switch these up in five minutes, you are never stuck with one magnetic paper. Therefore feel free to experiment, try new designs, colours, use a mixture of the glossy and the matte sheets and sit back and be amazed at the magic making everything come to life!